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McDaris Fine Art presents 
New Paintings
Trevor Hunter | Keith Batten 
Opening Reception Saturday, April 18, 6-8 p.m.
On Exhibition through May 17, 2015

Image verso: Trevor Hunter, Untitled I (Joy Series, 2014-15, enamel and oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches
In his new series of abstract paintings, Trevor Hunter portrays the complexity of emotional content. Energy and enthusiasm burst from a hot palette marked by occasional coolness while cooler, soothing palettes contain moments of subtle warmth. Varieties of paint application and the resultant shapes enhance the strength of color. The collection as a whole evidences the expressive power of color, and by extension, the power of art itself.
Keith Batten’s series of works explores the meditative qualities of the forest. Thickets and brambles interlaced with trees form a visual barrier through which light penetrates in early evening. The trunks of trees extending to snow covered ground punctuate early morning musings. A rich, redolent background enshrines a single, fallen tree at close range. Together, the paintings suggest an analogy between the primordial forest and the human spirit.
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SEAN-PAUL PLUGUEZ allows us into a creative compartment where even seemingly mundane objects have an aura of value. What more appropriate way to propel any object or surface to prominence than bathing it in a golden light.
Vault "a room or compartment for safekeeping of valuables".
Vault "to do or achieve as if by a leap, vaulted to sudden prominence".
With the three-year culmination of what Pluguez refers to as the "gold project", ordinary objects are awarded fine art status through the perceived value of precious metal. 
Canvases are embellished with texture and jewel-like bits to refract light and enhance reflection and shadow on what might have been a flat surface. 

An embellished mannequin evokes an archeological find, a discarded paintbrush and can shimmer, a storage trunk turns treasure chest, while an alignment of vertical branches takes you to a glided forest. With a flawless veneer of gold the vast number of items exhibited appear cast or dipped rather than painted. 

Pluguez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and spent most of his childhood in Arizona after a brief time in New York. Sean-Paul became fascinated with making art at an early age which ultimately led him back to New York City where he acquired a degree in Graphic Design from F.I.T.

Moving on from his Graphic Design background he began exploring new areas to express his inner vision. He worked with paint, observing how light affected color and texture on paper, fabric and various surfaces. From there he experimented with metallic colors, finding gold revealed a potential on canvas and in otherwise overlooked objects like no other medium. Even accidentally spilling gold paint over his much used work table proved to yield surprisingly beautiful results. 

Pluguez became enthralled with the material not for the appeal of its monetary value but rather for the "value of honoring the surface". The artist describes his medium as "a light thief grabbing light from every direction" projecting it off varied planes and textures of the objects as if illuminated from within.
Pluguez studied Fine Art, Communications Design, and Graphic Design at F.I.T in New York. He has exhibited at the Process Museum and the University of Arizona Museum of Art in Tucson, AZ and the 411 Gallery and the Elizabeth Dee Gallery in New York. In 2014, Pluguez was featured in a solo exhibition, entitled AU 79: The Gold Show, at the Steinfeld Warehouse in Tuscon, AZ. 

VAULT - on view through Summer 2015.

Image 1: Regina, 2013, gold paint, mixed media on canvas, 8 ft x 12 ft x 4 in
Image 2: Evita, 2013, gold paint, mixed media on resin, 6.5 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft (with base)
Image 3: Rhus Lancea, 2014, gold paint on wood & Baltic Birch, 5 ft x 5 ft x 4.2 ft
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