1 Walkable City

An key part of what makes Hudson, New York, a great place to live or visit is its walkability. This small city has just about everything a visitor might need or want, and it’s easily available, all within Hudson’s two square miles -- and you don’t need a car to get to it.

Wide, fully paved sidewalks that reach the full length of the city’s major streets make it possible for a visitor to walk safely. And the city’s unique urban scale – its historic buildings and vibrant street life – won’t disappoint and are best seen up close.

On most weekends, as a visitor can enjoy a cup of coffee or breakfast, browse a variety of antiques, clothing or home furnishings shops and find yesterday’s or today’s bestseller. Pick up a gourmet lunch on the way to the Promenade, and dine al fresco as you enjoy St. Winifred’s view of the Hudson. Later stroll uptown for an afternoon reading, or take in a matinee of a live stage production or a Metropolitan Opera simulcast. In the evening, a visitor can take in a movie or a live music performance before sitting down to a late dinner at any one of several fine restaurants.

All easily accomplished within walking distance and inside two square miles.