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More Real Art for Less!!

For such a pipsqueak of a city, Hudson sure does manage to pack in a lot of fabulosity, on some days just within the square footage of one street address.  Stair Galleries (549 Warren Street), whose Dominick Dunne auction was written about in the New York Times Style section last week , has once again filled its exhibition floors with a trove of glamorous items for its  20th Twentieth Century Fine and Decorative Arts sale.  In this case glam doesn’t have to be very costly– exemplified by the Cecil Beaton photograph (estimate $300 -$500) pictured above – or  famous, for that matter (a bevy of beautiful paintings by the now little-known but startlingly contemporary 1920s painter Merton Clivette,  pictured below). The auction takes place Saturday, December 4 at 11 am. (Visit  http://stairgalleries.com to see lots of lots.) –Scott Baldinger

A Howl in the Dark

In 2006, during a showing of Brokeback Mountain there, I couldn’t see who was schtupping whom. In 2008,  I got the impression that Julie and Julia was a black comedy (Nora Ephorn’s darkest!) about the perils of moonlighting. And most recently, The Social Network came across as an exciting if moody parable about the challenges presented by low lighting in Ivy League schools.

Every two to three years, eyes rechecked by competent professionals, I return to the local movie triplex, Fairview 3, with the hope that the projectors have been repaired and set at maximum wattage, the Windex taken out of the utility closet— that someone had finally been able to convince the owners that they were ruining some of the best (or better) commercial films of the decade with their inadequately illuminated film projection. But, as a recent trip proved,  plus ca change….the light bulb.

The owners of Fairview 3 should head down to Time and Space Limited for some tips on how to present good movies, not only because of the nonprofit’s increasingly interesting  lineup but also for the successful way in which it seems to have fixed its own projection issues. (These might have stemmed from its switch to digital a few years back.)

A recent showing of Howl, with its beautiful performance by James Franco as Allen Ginsberg, was a memorable confluence of  appreciative audience and rewarding  (if  flawed)  little film, which looked gorgeous on the TSL screen. A real cinematic experience (and not some faint simulacrum),  it left everyone with the kind of buzz I haven’t noticed from a movie audience in a long time. Just getting the basics right can give you a real kick.   –Scott Baldinger

Real Art for Less!

Given the fact that a Roy Lichtenstein painting. “Ohhh… Alright …,” just sold for a cool $42 million at Christie’s in New York,  you would be hard- pressed to complain about the prices for original artwork available at a number of Hudson’s stores and galleries. We’ve got some new, we’ve got some old, we’ve got some nice in betweens:  a random sampling on Warren Street include handsome decoupage boxes by Thomas Malic, pictured below  (sold at Gris,  $400  each);  a lickably colorful painting by Meg Lipke at Carrie Haddad Gallery (above, $900) and  lots of accomplished framed drawings by Friederich Yohn at David Dew Bruner ($100-$500).  There’s so much around that just one posting won’t be enough…look forward to a few more through the holiday season. –Scott Baldinger

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