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Hudson’s Best of 2010

Best new food items: ciabbatas and baguettes at Loaf

Best cheaper lunch/early dinner: Park Falafel and Pizza

Best parade held during a heat wave: Hudson Pride

Best ongoing renovation of two matching residential buildings by people who otherwise don’t have much to do with each other: 201 Union Street and the adjoining house next door

Best new multimillion-dollar performance space/ restaurant/ meeting place: Helsinki Hudson

Best glass of wine for $7: Michael Sullberg Cabernet at pm Wine Bar

Best reporting on a blog (ok… Best Blog, period) : Carol Osterink’s Gossips of Rivertown

Best animal fundraiser for under $50: Animalkind’s fashion show at Club Helsinki

Best Red Dot-style Halloween party not held at The Red Dot: The bash at the Cannonball Factory to benefit the Valley Alliance ( www.hudsonwaterfront.org), which is an organization behind the…

Best Community Uprising: The ongoing struggle against industrial expansion on (and continuing degradation of) the Hudson waterfront


Every great new store that relocated, opened, or expanded this year on and around Warren Street, maintaining it as a vital, world-class shopping destination during difficult economic times: Tommy’s Nails, Loaf, The Bee’s Knees, Shana Lee Jewelry, Albergo Delmar, 12 Modern, TK Home and Garden, Hudson & Laight Gallery, Bernbach Jewelers,  Chris Lehrecke, Tishu, Diehl and Denis, Look Apparel,  Regan and Smith, History Laboratory, Sideshow, Park Falafel and Pizza, John Doe’s Vinyl and Books, and Diamond Street Antiques.    –-Scott Baldinger

Avoid Crowds, Shop in Hudson

It’s not always safe to go shopping anywhere at this time of year, with the holiday season bringing out the super touchy in all sorts people, on roadways and parking lots and sometimes on both sides of the cash register. (A recent excursion trying to find my way to a Christmas Tree Shop at the Colonie Mall in Albany was one of the most emotionally jarring experiences I’ve ever had.)   For the most part, taking care of things here in  Hudson, even at the last minute, is  a much more pleasant affair, and you’ll come up with something a lot more unique in the process, from the ridiculous (above, waving solar powered Queen Elizabeth dolls; $23 at Mix, 438 Warren Street/ 828-1707) to the sublime (single gold feather with deerstrap wrap, $60)  to the ridiculously sublime (priestess feather necklace, $3,100) both at Shana Lee Jewelry, pictured below  (315 Warren Street/ 828-8789 ) . P.S:  Thank you, Erica, for the use of your fetching neck and torso.

(For a thorough stroll through the town’s stores , check out Ellen Thurston’s holiday gift picks in our This Week in Hudson section.

–Scott Baldinger

Hurry for the Curry

Stop the presses– there’s Indian food in town! Max, the comely young fellow (age 24) who currently runs Kennedy’s Fried Chicken (20 Warren Street 828-5922), is starting to offer a selection of curry dishes (chicken and beef ), meat samosas, onion pakoras, dal, and basmati rice. (Main dishes are priced at $4.95; the appetizers are $2.50.)  Max says he is being assisted by his father, Mohammad Ali (the chef, not  the boxer), who ran a couple of  noted Indan restaurants in Albany. Eat his food (it’s good) and encourage him  to expand the menu – maybe even open a Max’s Kashmir City some day.  –Scott Baldinger

The Real Housegifts of Hudson

A few days ago, during a walk up Warren Street, I happened upon a film crew and a gaggle of heavily made-up women and thought What is this, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”? — only to find out later that that was exactly what it had been. I can just picture the Hudson episode of the Bravo television show now, with scenes of the women wandering around antiques stores and saying things like “Omigod….did you see the price on that chair my mother used to have in her basement..?” (Cue appropriate reaction shots of patient/ and or poker-faced shop owners.)

On the other hand, we could all be blessed and the women were just shopping for Christmas gifts. In which case they should have been able to find some truly stylish bargains, such as the ones pictured here. (Above, plastic vases at  $5.99 each and Patone mugs, $15 each, at Hedstrom & Judd;  historic Hudson placemats at Benjamin Wilson Antiques and Rural Residence, $50 for set of 4, out- of- print vinyl at John Doe Records and Books.)   ––Scott Baldinger


This year’s Winter Walk was a not just a fun distraction; even with seemingly fewer storefronts participating this year, it was a thrilling testament to the Hudson experience (ie. that magical blend of the quaint, the dishabille, and the grandly urbane). It almost brought tears to my eyes– and not just because of the typically cold weather. Congratulations to the following award- winning storefront displays: Arenskjold Antiques (Best Vignette of Venus in a Birch Grove), Historical Materialism (Best Hanukah Window), and Skalar (Best Mid Century Modern Window).

Congrats are also due for the following,  (hopefully) more permanent, developments of  this week: the reopening of John Doe Record and Books on 4 Park Place (http://jeandeux.com), where you can rediscover the nearly lost art of vinyl pressing;  the handsomely interactive  relaunch of the Hudson Antiques Dealer’s Associations web site (http://www.hudsonantiques.net/), and last but not least….Club Helsinki.

If there was an award for Best Vibe in Town, it would have to go to the music venue’s  new restaurant (with 2nd place going to it’s thriving bar and performance area, particularly on Open Mic nights.)  It’s got a mysteriously pleasant aura, the ineffable end result of beguiling décor, enticing menu, and youthful yet gracious staff , who all seem to have been brought up on some wonderful diet from some elysian land far from our own.   —Scott Baldinger

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