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George Hath Come, etc.

The temporary sign is down and the space at 438  Warren, formerly occupied by Mix, has now finally opened, a chic blend of it own with handsome pieces from numerous periods, save perhaps the Ming,  successfully arranged  by someone not named George. (She’s a lady.)  Pictured here: an eye catching arrangement of vintage 20th century wall paper.

Hardly Loafing

A Horatio Alger story in motion, the delicious bakery formerly called Loaf and soon to be renamed Bonfiglio and Bread has moved up from a display case on the right hand side of Swallow (and, briefly before that, on top of the little freezer counter at Lick between ice cream seasons),  into a newly refurbished space all of it own,  next to and on a design par with the Crimson Sparrow at 748 Warren.  Owner/baker Gabriele Gulielmetti says it will have it all: café tables, subway tiling and that de rigueur Hudson accoutrement: a new, amazingly high tech behemoth of an oven all of it own.   Gulielmetti says it will all be ready by Labor Day, but in the meanwhile it’s worth a look to see how  it’s being labored on: truly a testament to the power of carbs and youthful determination (and good bread).

Secretly Seeking

A new gallery EB Fine Arts: Curatorium has dared to locate itself where few fine art galleries have dared to go before: 60 Front Street “In the industrial section of Hudson, New York” as the cute little bound pamphlet I received quaintly put it.    –Scott Baldinger




What a needed tonic it was to see such witty performers as Loudon Wainwright III  and Sandra Bernhard fitting like gloves on to the Hudson scene within a couple of nights of each other at Club Helsinki, right around the corner from my doorstep.  Recently I’ve been distracted from these pages, writing about the performing arts for and helping edit Rural Intelligence, an  online magazine about the region – doing interviews with the likes of master chroreographer Paul Taylor,  reviews of exciting shows such as The Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper and Scott Frankel’s musical version  of Far From Heaven, with sidelines to the visual arts, such as MASS MoCAS’s Oh Canada show). It’s an exciting job that has taken me out of the shtetl mentality that formed the basis and continuing narrative, such as it was, of Word on the Street, the writing of which I have to admit has become harder for me to get back into recently. Going to other towns in the region on a regular basis – places as exotically kempt as Salisbury, CT or urbanistically up and coming as Pittsfield, MA (with its city financed renovation of the Colonial Theatre and massive public, private and civic support for institutions such as the Berkshire Museum and Barrington Stages), does bring a new perspective to Hudson, with inevitable invidious comparisons on occasion. But being able to just walk out the door and into some beautiful arena to watch two such stellar artists live, is just one of the many things that make coming home the comforting thing it can be. ( I also can’t wait to see Kris Perry’s scrap metal music machine at the Basilica Music Festival next week, the kind of event  that seems like it can only happen here.)

While chances are that the posts here might continue to dwindle down to a precious few for the time being, I do get the feeling deep down — not that there’s NO place like home exactly but that maybe this IS home. And for me right now, that’s a major thing. –Scott Baldinger



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