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What’s Cold Got To Do With It?




Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, and anyone wondering about the state of love in a cold climate (Hudson’s)  can take some comfort in the knowledge that, as Word has learned,  nearly all of the town’s more high- end restaurants  — Fish and Game, Swoon, Ca Mea, The Crimson Sparrow among them – are all booked up for the evening. (DABA, Vico, and other classy spots might be as well—but are worth a call to double check– and there is still room in the more casual dining establishments—Red Dot, among them.)  If the two — or one – of you can’t get in to a restaurant of your choice, there’s always the opening of artist Sarah Berney’s show LOVE LOVE,  being held from 6 – 9 p.m. at Steve McKay and Abel Ramirez’s 554 Warren Street storefront, where there will be drinks and Ramirez’s Valentine cookies as a consolation. And if thy passion  should continue to runneth hot and sexily enough to brave the mounting snowdrifts of yet another frigid night ( or if you’re just bored with what’s on TV), there’s the Kook Love dance party at The Half Moon, hosted by DJ Musty Chiffon and Slink Moss, starting at 10 p.m.

— Scott Baldinger



Notes From a Grounded Flâneur


Since Carole Osterink’s and Sam Pratt’s blogs (not to mention The Rogovy Report) do such a  thorough job  covering all the news about Hudson and surroundings that’s fit pushing the “publish” button for, I’ve felt the need from the start of Word on the Street to find my own little niche based on just walking around and making something out of what I experience empirically. This is a task that has become difficult, as I’ve mentioned before, in these coldest of months:  It’s hard to come up with deeper thoughts when blizzard-like conditions and polar-vortex temperatures are blowing in one’s face (the brain happens to be near there). Being a born, bred, and corrupted citiot that I am,  however,  nothing stops me from some amblin’ around town,  and no matter the weather, Warren Street and its various denizens never fail to engage in one way or another, if not always inspire grand insights.

Still, as one reader recently asked, “What’s the word on the street?”  Here’s what I’ve gleaned from a mostly, if not entirely, recumbent position. Recently Otto, the Turkish home gift store (bottom right), has closed and is now completely emptied of goods; a strong rumor has it that its space at 437 Warren Street has been rented to the owner of Woodstock General Supply, a well-known clothing store miles across the river and through the woods. The addition extends the strip of clothing stores on the upper part of the 400 block even farther, turning it into a Hudson’s little version of Saville Row.

Up the street a bit, at 530 Warren, the late Harold Hanson’s shop, Verso (bottom left), has also been emptied, quite a while after Hanson’s  death and many months of wondering about his eclectic, affordable antique store’s fate. (The entire stock was liquidated in one day, carted off by a company that purchased the entirety of the stores’ inventory.) On a more positive note, John Knott’s establishment at his meticulously renovated, fully stocked space at 557 Warren Street (top), even without a sign to this day (or a name), is still, according to Knott, very much open for business, its stylish furnishings — for instance, two snazzy chairs in the storefront window by mid- century designer Milo Baughman (all the rage at the moment)– are for sale. And speaking of signs, the store Home has finally replaced the sign by the previous tenant, Lounge, with its own– a good sign in and of itself for the business climate of the street. –-Scott Baldinger

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