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Another rumor du jour of the could- it- be- true? kind:   Eleanor Ambos, who owns the former Elks Club villa on Union, the Allen Street School, and the Pocketbook Factory, is in final negotiations to sell the latter of these properties to the Seattle-based Ace Hotel Group. Ace gave new life to the former Hotel Breslin in New York City (my own pic below) and other properties in Seattle, Portland and Palm Springs, and has been called a “mega-chain waiting to happen” by Wallpaper magazine; the New York branch features a Stumptown cafe and Chef April Bloomfield’s Michelin-starred restaurant, The Breslin. The Pocketbook Factory started out in 1880 as Union Mills, which manufactured shirts and underwear and switched to pocketbooks some time in the early 20th century. Originally, the tower (see above, on the left) had a lovely steeple-like cap, which would be great to see rebuilt.   –Scott Baldinger

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    • It kind of makes more sense than the Ian Schrager rumor; Ace’s first venture was in a former halfway house in Seattle, followed by a historic but not very opulent hotel in Portland that was a setting for the movie “Drugstore Cowboy.” The decorators for their New York project is Roman and Williams, who are clients of many of Hudson’s antiques shops. Sounds like a more likely fit–if true.

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