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All in the Family

A lot of things might come to mind when thinking of Hudson but, chances are, quality clothing for infants and young children is not one of them. The squeaky clean truth behind the town’s  glamorously gritty surface, however,  is that a number of stores here are doing well in this surprisingly creative niche market, demonstrating  how diverse and vital a stretch of retail Warren Street really is.

What I know about baby’s clothes you can fit into the toe of a pair of Dr Dentons  (anyone remember those?), but here goes:   Devoted entirely to wear for wee ones, the recently opened The Bee’s Knees ( 302 Warren Street) specializes in locally made items such as tops with wool vintage fabric ($35-$150),  organic cotton onesies,  and fly-looking jump suits (hoodies with pants, pictured bottom left  $12.95 to $24).   White Rice (531 Warren Street) has a children’s section that is a cottage industry all it own, with onesies made of sustainable bamboo fabric (instead of  similarly textured Rayon, which, according to co-owner Mary Vaughn Williams,  is made from wood; $28);  cashmere socks ($9 a pair); and hand-stamped Batik vintage- style shorts (above right. $20).  At de Marchin (620 Warren Street), a favorite item is MaryJane Trumpette socks in the form of fashionable looking shoes (bottom right, $26 for a box of 6).  –Scott Baldinger

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