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And It Was Good

You know you live in a small, up-and-coming town when the opening of a falafel/pizza joint is as eagerly anticipated as Martha Stewart on a slow business day. But Park Falafel & Pizza, which debuted this weekend, really turns out to be a cause for celebration — for a whole bunch of reasons. First, located in a nicely restored storefront on the 7th Street Park, it’s an attractively designed addition to an area sorely in need of spiffing up. (This and Reggie Madision‘s new outpost of quirkily handsome objects at Diamond Street Art And Antiques will hopefully get the ball rolling in that regard. Marina Abramovic, where are you?)  Second,  it’s affordable as hell, its sandwiches (hummus, baba ghannouj, falafel), pizza,and salads (tabbouleh, beet, cucumber etc) priced exactly what they should be. Third,  is the most important— the authentic  Middle Eastern food, which is kosher and prepared by a guy from Israel who obviously knows what he’s doing. To this day I remember a good falafel I had somewhere in Manhattan in the mid 1980s (not on MacFalafel —ie. Macdougal—  Street but somewhere else in the Village) and no doubt I will long recall  the first bite of the one I had here as well. (Kudos also to the hummus, the spicy green sauce, and the cucumber salad.) Job well done, guys!                                                                                        — Scott Baldinger

Park Falafel and Pizza /11 N. 7th Street  (518)-828-5500


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