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Catty Remarks

Sometimes I think if I ever see another drag act, I’m simply going to scream. But then I catch Musty Chiffon on an especially good night and rethink my own disinclinations. At the reliably enjoyable Animalkind Fashion show at Club Helsinki,  Musty was in good form and kept the display of clothes being auctioned at a witty clip. “I don’t care if you take the outfit out in the alley and burn it. Just think of the kittens,” she would plead during a lull in the bidding. (Which actually went well considering the, shall we say,  uneven quality of the items being sold. When one particular lackluster ensemble reached the $300 mark, another observer remarked, “ I think the bidders must be as high as the bids.” ) Musty* also led a terrific ensemble of ersatz hicks (Robert Caldwell, Jenny Baldwin and Windle Davis) in the country song “Plain Brown Wrapper,”  which Larry Bangor and Dini Lamot, (aka Musty) wrote for Tom Lehrer’s birthday ages ago (1974). –Scott Baldinger

(Musty—and everyone else who had access to a mike– should also be commended for never  using the word “pussy.”)


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