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Cue the Scary Music

As a potentially blood curdling election day creeps inexorably closer, the dividing line between reality and the ghoulish revels of Halloween seem to be getting thinner. One of the more chilling events this week has been the endorsement in The Register Star, Hudson’s one newspaper, of all of the Republican candidates running for local office this year,  from Congress to Coroner.  Among them is Chris Gibson (running against the incumbent Congressman Scott Murphy), who promises to “stand against socialized medicine ”— in other words, for a total repeal of the health care legislation passed this year—as well as other straight- down the line Tea Party boilerplate.

It’s an odd feeling — like of being a stranger in one’s own home — to have a Republican- leaning newspaper reporting and commenting nearly every day in a town that owes its very existence to people Republicans love to demonize:  gays, immigrants, environmentalists, community activists, liberals in general.  But that’s what 2010 might be all about in the end— unless we all go out and vote.  (For a perhaps more representative view of the representative, check out the endorsement of Murphy in that crazy left wing alternative publication, The Times Union.) —Scott Baldinger

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