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Down the Conservancy Path

Like a lot of people who hail from the “city,”  I have an admiring but ambivalent attitude about nature, which is why Hudson – enveloped by the countryside but not isolated in it – offers such a lovely balance. When the going gets rough I usually tip to the urban side. But there were moments this week when a long walk in the woods was the only thing I could think of doing, particularly after hearing of the sudden passing of two loved and esteemed individuals in the prime of life here, Paula Superti and Jareg Barglowski.

Luckily there was the quick refuge of the Greenport Conservation Area,  a 714 acre swath of green space off Joslen Boulevard, not more than a mile or so outside of the Hudson city limits (www.clctrust.org/Greenport.htm).  The photos here are a couple that I took that day, grateful for the availability of quiet winding paths on a glorious autumn day.              –  Scott Baldinger

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