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Eye on Ian

The rumor du jour is that Ian Schrager, the legendary hotelier and real estate developer who once reportedly offered Holcim a tidy sum for  their waterfront property, has purchased the Warren Inn (terrific photo above by Tim Heffernan).  Could Andre Balazs,  another fab frequenter of these parts,  be next–either with the St. Charles or the still vacant hotel project on  Warren and 4th , currently the cornerstone of a mystifyingly blighted corner of Warren?  And will Schrager be keeping the free HBO?  —Scott Baldinger

4 Responses to Eye on Ian

  1. Oh hurray! About time somebody great bought one of the hotels.
    Hope it’s true. Too bad he didn’t buy Holcim’s waterfront property though. I heard he offered $1.5 million (the tax assessment) and they countered with $5 million.

  2. Great!~ This is the best news ever for Hudson!!! I am all about this development. It’s so significant for all of us. Yeah!!!!!

  3. Good news for uptown. I suspect good things to come to that area above 7th in the near future. It may be slow, but eventually it will happen and good for all. 🙂

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