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Food on the March

One of the best indicators of a town’s vitality is its cosmopolitanism,  to me best exemplified by a variety of good, cheap ethnic /regional food.  Hudson seems to be making steady progress in this area. In addition to the continuing deliciousness of Park Falafel and Pizza and the return of Tortillaville this Friday are two new entries on or near 7th Street Park: Italian Market and Deli (518-671-6610), at the corner of Columbia and Park Place, and the mobile Winnie’s Jerk Chicken and Fish Shack, parked Thursday through Saturday (Wed-Sat. starting in June)  in front of the historic freight depot at State and Seventh. Italian Market has a nice assortment of sandwiches made with ingredients such as prosciutto de parma, fresh mozzarella, and grilled veggies. Winnie’s has authentically spiced Jamaican chicken, fish and shrimp meals ($7.50 – $9) along with cheaper wrap and vegetarian variations ($4-5); there are also weekly goat and oxtail specials and fried plaintain, steamed cabbage, and rice and bean side dishes ($3). Owners Winston and Jai Francis, who hail from Jamaica, say they will be at the present location until next winter.

Next step:  authentic Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani. Anyone out there game?   –Scott Baldinger

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