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Fresh Starts

Like the Energizer Bunny, Hudson’s home furnishings trade keeps going on and on — or at least seems to be staying on its feet during continuing economic doldrums. Chris Lehrecke (above), who does cool things to wood to create sleekly contemporary light fixtures, tables, and shelving,  has moved from 428 to 415 Warren Street, one of the town’s most glorious retail spaces. A posh- sounding company called Lillie K. Traders (below left) has been handsomely sprucing up 444 Warren Street. And Hudson Home was busily spring cleaning the façade of its building at 356 Warren with a  new coat of paint. (Even the primer, pictured being applied at right, looked good in the afternoon sun.)  Does any Main Street anywhere have better caretakers than these?  –Scott Baldinger

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