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Glutens For Punishment

Never mind the fact that no one eats bread any more; Hudson suddenly finds itself with more baked goods per square mile than any comparable town in the lower 48. (Please, don’t ask me where I got these figures.) In addition to the huge oven about to come online at the great looking Café Le Perche, there are the fabulous loaves at Loaf (worth breaking any diet for), not to mention the sundry yeast and wheat dependent items at Olde Hudson, Bagel Tyme, Nolita, Cascades and the Farmer’s Market. In the meanwhile there is still no Indian (or Pakastani or Bangladeshi or Thai or whatever) restaurant in town, while there are now two of the same barbecue joints within a block and a half of each other. (One is selling out of a van on a vacant lot.)  Who is eating all this risen dough and charred meat?  I want answers.

I was very relieved to discover that the petite new Bruno’s (227 Warren Street)  won’t be  pushing muffins or danishes (or ribs) but appetizing sandwiches and salads, and are planning  to fill one glaring void on Warren Street:  late night meals on the weekend  (from 11-2 a.m.). Minimum requirement for entry:  a slight buzz . –Scott Baldinger

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  1. There is a mobile juice operation floating around town occasionally..he does fresh carrot,ginger,apple,pineapple,orange,banana.protein powder concoctions…it is a local biz w a big black power fist squeezing a helpless carrot..look out for it..its amazing,fresh and cheap.I will attest to th Brunos falafel expreience..soft and lightly done falafel w lemony dew and great homemade sauce,,a real deal at th price…ok im stuffed..xd

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