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Those hearty souls who manage to get out of the house before the crack of noon every Saturday are amply rewarded at the Hudson Farmers’ Market,  at 6th & Columbia Streets. This is where less demimondish members of the community gather to meet and buy from local farmers, exchange recipes and menu ideas, and see and be seen in a less stressed-out- than usual weekend mood.

After  getting a cup of coffee from Milt’s and a pastry from one of the marvelous bakers (Churchtown Gardens, Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Triform Gardens, Mary Ellen’s, Red Barn) you can wander around and absorb the bounty of produce grown by our local farmers.  Every vendor has a style and a particular slant on what is fresh and just harvested that week, or that very morning.  September is “high season, ” featuring heirloom tomatoes, dark leafy greens of kale, chard, spinach, beets & late lettuces, fresh garlic, at least 4 varieties of potatoes, the plumpest rosy plums, nectarines and peaches (Don Baker Farm); late raspberries and blackberries in little wooden boxes (Red Oak Farm); artisanal cheeses and wines, jams and jellies, honey, bottled sauces (Hudson Valley Homestead); cultivated mushrooms, pasture- raised pork, beef and chicken (Pigasso Farms, The Farm at Miller’s Crossing); the freshest eggs, potted herbs and cacti, bunches of wildflowers & sunflowers, and exquisite little bouquets called tussi-mussies (Cedar Flower Farm). 

Hudson Farmers Market

Saturdays 9AM-1PM   May through November

                                                                                                                                  — Cynthia Lathrop            


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