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Hopeful Sign

A while back I reported that a  fellow named Max was serving Indian food at Kennedy’s Fried Chicken.  Well that pretty much came to an end when Max disappeared (for issues unrelated to food).  I’ve just been notified that Asif Qazi, the actual owner of Kennedy’s,  has decided to carry the torch and will be serving dishes such as chicken curry and biryani ($6.99, $7.99) and vegetable samosas ($1.50).  (I put in a request for palak paneer,  a favorite spinach and cheese curd dish, to expand the veggie if not vegan menu.) Qazi, who will be loading up the take-out trays this Wednesday,  is looking for quick community support for his endeavor,  so let’s “all clap our hands and say  ‘I believe in curries!’ ” –Scott Baldinger

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