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From: Scott Baldinger

TO:  Anyone interested

DATE: Yesterday

RE:  The library relocation and sale of its current historic building to a developer not known for his sensitivity to authentic architectural detail.

A good case can (and has) been made for moving the library to a less needy locale on Warren Street. But this is a sad and worrisome development for the distinguished building being left behind. What we need here is a landmark’s law with some teeth to it.  This way certain individuals can buy historic buildings if they want but with the understanding that what happens to our genuine architectural legacy is important enough to be enforced. I mean with penalties and stuff:  fines, stop- work orders, the whole kit and caboodle. (The Supreme Court, thirty years ago or so, said this was a perfectly reasonable extension of a municipality’s zoning powers—so why the hesitancy?)  Strengthening said laws should be on the platform of mayoral candidate Nick Haddad, who currently sits on the landmark’s committee and is no doubt more simpatico with its goals than the current mayor or his prospective challenger(s).

RE: Trees

The parallel (or it the converse?) side to preserving venerable trees on private property around town is the proper maintenance of those on public property –newly planted ones in particular but also well established ones that desperately need a pruning, both for aesthetic reasons and arboreal health.  In that mystical way that Hudson has, while taking pics for a post about this very subject,  I ran into one advocate of said plants, Olenka Bachinsky, who was particularly concerned about all the watering not going on. (Even during a rainy summer such as we have been having this year,  she says, new trees need to watered every day, at least until they take firm hold. This was news to me, and I’m passing it on to you forthwith.) Another pet peeve –of mine not hers– is the number of dead trees around town that need to be removed. Dead trees are terrible feng shui, and our shui needs a lot  of tending here, off Warren Street in particular.   Here are some of those said pics:

RE: Opera House Auditorium

I see that some beautiful fire stairs have been installed to the side of the Opera House,  with an absolutely lovely entrance door in a very complementary dark green color. Wasn’t this the major legal impediment to using the grand auditorium for public events? If  yes,  isn’t it time to call up that brigade of volunteers to prime and paint the place?  If not, why? Let us know what’s up, Opera House.  I’m itchin to spackle.

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  1. My fav dead tree is in front of City Court and the Police Dept – once a green bird feeding station it died this spring – exposing a string of forgotten Christmas lights – it’s now just so sad and depressing.

    Will the city ever replace that tree of their own responsibility ?

  2. Thanks for noticing the new stairs! Except for a bit of electrical work and some hardware, they are just about done! And yes they bring us a major step closer to being able to use upstairs. We’ve begun our work with architects and engineers to move toward completion. We’ve got abatement work ahead of us as well as all new mechanical systems (there are none there now) and an elevator to construct as well, but onward and upward, one bit at a time… We’ll give a shout when it’s spackling time!

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