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More Musical Chairs on Warren

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In other towns, empty- looking,  brown-paper-covered storefront windows might be unhappy harbingers. But not in Hudson, where the musical chairs on Warren Street continue unabated.  Mark McDonald, top left, has moved one flight above at his own building (555 Warren), the first floor of which will be the new locale for N.P Trent, “one of the country leading dealers in English and Continental furniture, art and decorative accessories,” as the sign on the window says. Pictured to the right of that, at 623 Warren,  is the petite space soon to be Steve Izzo’s new gallery, whose name is not yet known (at least to moi ). The former Toggery building at no. 613, home of Richter’s sportswear (center left),  has been purchased by John Knott, who can be counted on to do lovely things to it (as he has already been doing to the building he is turning into the Hudson HQ of Quadrille, destined to open at the end of the summer.) On a sadder note, Steven Bluttal will not, as planned, be taking over the store that now says Florsheim Shoes and which was more recently Fabrications, but right across the street, at 602 Warren,  BardinPalomo is coming into their space real soon. We’ve heard that Tom Swope’s antiquities gallery is closing but an equally fabulous retail enterprise is reported to be taking its place tout de suite.  The only unanswered question right now: Where (and what) is George, still practicing a form of semiotic coitus interruptus with its perpetual sign in the window stating “George Coming Soon.” (to be at the former Mix space on the 400 block)?–Scott Baldinger

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  1. Another great post. I heard a rumor that John Knott is going to put a good men’s clothing store in the old Richters. Any truth to this?

  2. What and where is George? Well, George is the proprieter of Key City Licquor at 604 Warren. A sign in his window says ‘everything must go – make an offer’ and I understand that he too will be moving….. so more brown paper?

  3. Just to correct the record, I’m not closing my gallery, rather moving it to the second floor, and narrowing its focus on antiquities. I’m renting out the storefront, hopefully to someone who will, in Scott’s words, create something fabulous here. The foundation job has sort of taken over, but I didn’t want to close, so figured out how to fit a more focused gallery into my 2nd floor. It’ll be beautiful, have no fear.

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