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Musical Chairs on Warren


Recently people have been asking me what is going on with a vacant storefront, sold building or moving sale on Warren Street but in the process have ended up telling me more than I ever knew about some other one. There must be a word for this kind of investigative journalism, but before it is ever hurled at me I’d like to pass on whatever information I have inadvertently gleaned in this fashion.

Yes, Historical Materialism,  which has been a fixture in town at 601 Warren Street for around a decade, is leaving its current location at the end of the month; co-owner Dina Palin emphatically points out that the store is not closing but continuing online and at some other locale (or two) soon. The store is having a sale of nearly all items other than lighting, which has been and will remain its specialty.  Regan and Smith, currently across the street from Historical Materialism at 602 Warren, will be moving into the HM space, which was formerly a Jupiter and David Petrovsky Antiques store among other retail incarnations. Perpendicular to HM at 558 Warren is where Fabrications was located;  the new owners of the building have rented out the ground floor space to author Steven Bluttal, who will be opening up an antiques store. Down at 438 Warren, where Mix used to be, a shop named George will open. It will be devoted to … antiques. At 443 Warren, where Homage and B’s Hats briefly set up shop, the building is being retrofitted for something no one (I know of ) seems to know about yet, while Homage has moved into the cozy nook at 608 Warren; B’s Hats is brightening the Seventh Street park environs at no. 715. At 444 Warren,  Indian food will become a part of the Lillie K Traders establishment. More conjecturally, I’ve heard that the new owners of the Ackerman’s building (752 Warren) are looking for someone to open up a Guido’s- style food market, one thing we couldn’t have too much of in this town. –Scott Baldinger

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