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The Mod Squad

….And speaking of  urban renewal concepts, a case could be made for awarding grants to those intrepid souls who dare to open fine dining establishments in dormant areas of town. (This is certainly better for economic development than rewarding such efforts with punitive, duplicitous, unneccesary, and costly police stings against underage drinking.)  Following in the footsteps trail blazed by the Red Dot over twelve years ago is the Mod Restaurant, which moved from Catskill and opened on Front Street this past Wednesday. Mod’s food, service, prices and vibe were all dandy, and the crowd upbeat and eager for new taste sensations.   Pictured above is co owner-chef Dana Wegener working hard on opening night.

Things should really get cracking  on this corner (thankfully, minus the crack) when Andy King opens up his multi-room Front Street Inn in the space above and to the left of the restaurant.

A Mysterious Window on Warren

A reader queried us: “Do you know anything about the diorama that’s always on display at the end of Warren Street – the one right before turning onto Worth Avenue/Route 9? Whose is it and why is it there?”  A quick visit to the location, which turned out to be 829 Warren Street, and then back to our own Business Guide gave us the answer: 829 is the Warren Street Hudson bed and breakfast  and the display is by its owners, Michael Sedlacek and Connie Lam.  Lam says that the diorama is sometimes made up of items from their home furnishings and fashion accessories line, which can be viewed on their web site . But, she adds, it’s just as often is put together from “stuff found in the attic, whatever inspires us at the moment.”

Our Town

A couple of weeks ago Joanne Durfee of  WMHT announced plans to do an  hour long  television show called Our Town Hudson, and solicited the participation of local videographers and the people who love them. Durfee says she’s still looking for volunteers to shoot material; those  interested  can email her at  jdurfee@wmht.org or call at  518-880-3459

–Scott Baldinger

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