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Notes on a Bounty

Sometimes even a cruciferous vegetable can change your viewpoint on things.  Feeling  a tad down this past Saturday, I found renewed spirit while shopping at the Hudson Farmers Market, a joyous confluence of the bounties of the immediate area with the pleasure of seeing people enjoying them so much. The autumnal produce was wonderful, as these pictures show, but so were the appreciative crowds.

The unusual variety of kale that I purchased from Blue Star Farm was one of three available from the stand; it was so luscious, it not only changed my view of kale forever (previously I always preferred the film critic  to the vegetable), but the thought of all local produce altogether. It made it into the following soup, devoured too quickly to photograph.

  • Brown a reasonable amount of chicken sausage (purchased from Shop Rite-buy local!)
  • deglaze with chicken stock  or water
  • add cut up leaves from one head of kale
  • chop two-three  cloves  garlic,   add to soup
  • drain, wash 1 can of small white beans (smaller than cannellini) and add to simmering mixture
  • add low sodium chicken or vegetable broth/water combo to cover
  • cook for about 20-30  minutes at low/medium heat

Next week : fingerlings? (Check out some of the other vegetable porn at this link https://picasaweb.google.com/109584120560307131237/FARMER?authkey=Gv1sRgCKjI4bryvZn2dA#5666533095741533938)

The outdoor market will be open every Saturday 9-12:30 p.m until November 19,  at which point we’ll  be counting the days for the indoor one to open up. Last year that was March 5, a long haul if you ask me. –Scott Baldinger

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