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On the Edge

Granted, life in Hudson is an endlessly fascinating and fun- filled adventure. But there are moments when the eye, mind (and henceforth, the body) tend to wander, if only right outside city limits. Fairview Plaza (the first of  four dreary commercial expanses spreading one after another into former farmland) has a number of establishments worth ignoring the evils of  suburban sprawl for: Chinatown restaurant,  ShopRite, Fairview Wine and Spirits, and now Planet Fitness, a national chain doing a fairly sharp modernist renovation of a former (General? Yankee? ) Dollar store right next to (the blandly postmodernist) Peebles. It’s opening in December and will be cheap, with lots of new equipment so, short of it turning out to be  a charnel house, I’m ready and rarin to go. –Scott Baldinger

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