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Our Hearts Were Young and…

I’ve summered in the Pines, chilled in Chelsea, and dropped in on numerous raves, circuit parties, and various and sundry clubs, discos and parties through the years (marched in and seen lots of Pride parades too— starting in 1973 with the second one ever held…..will someone cue up the orchestra  for my rendition of “I’m Still Here” please?),   and I’ve come to realize one thing:  To be gay in the original sense of the word and the current one as well is one of the toughest things in the world to pull off, at least on a communal scale. But Trixie Starr and the folks of Hudson Pride (with the help of Helsinki Hudson for its wondrous over-10 hour shindig after the parade) did it —on land and sea and for over two days.  They should all be running the Columbia County Tourism bureau,  if not the entire Chamber of Commerce —or the Summer Olympics as far I’m concerned. –Scott Baldinger

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  1. I agree. Kudos to Trixie Star and the folks of Hudson Pride for pulling it off. It was a wonderful weekend. kudos to you too, Scott, for your photos

  2. Great article and photos for Hudson Pride
    Parade and much more. A 10 hour blast at Helsinki? Fantastic! We are so lucky to have Helsinki Hudson here. They are such great people not to mention the fantastic redesigning of the building. Love your blog Scott. Ruth Moser

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