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Paradoxically Speaking

It’s true – I had moments of doubt that my memory was serving me correctly when I wrote in a previous blog post (Isn’t It Rick?) that the building of  additional roads for the purpose of alleviating traffic  actually has the opposite effect:  It creates more. Confirmation that I wasn’t talking out of my (admittedly avocational)  urban planner hat was reaffirmed this past Saturday, when I heard the following report on NPR’s All Things Considered:  “More Roads May Pave The Way To More Traffic.”    “As you add roads to a city,  those roads get filled up,” says Matthew Turner, author of a study  for  the University of Toronto. “There are people waiting to use that capacity.  The result on transit is almost exactly the opposite of that.”  (You can read or listen to the full story here.)

In the medical world this is called the paradoxical effect,  applied to the effect of  medicines on some people. In the world of Hudson politics and grandstanding, it will no doubt will be labeled the “who gives a f–k what NPR says” effect.  Still, I urge all of those who  have insisted without substantiation that building a separate truck route directly from quarries east of the city directly to the waterfront will ease congestion on Columbia Street (thereby improving the lives of people living near there) to click  on the link provided above.  Of course, there is every probability that even after doing so, this information will be ignored or shrugged off  and the sanctimonious rhetoric will continue. As Stephen Colbert once said, “I’m not a fan of facts. You see, the facts can change, but my opinion will never change, no matter what the facts are.” — Scott Baldinger

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  1. Understood…to clarify please… what is the origin & paths that the trucks are nowusing to get to Third St and the causeway road? Do they still head down Columbia? Thanks for your time in responding.

    • Gravel trucks still take the same route down Green and Columbia Streets and turn down Third. The broader plan is to cut a swath through wetlands directly to waterfront. According to the latest Gossips of Rivertown post, they have stopped using the causeway for now

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