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Photos on the Block

Although it’s the dead of summer, two current exhibitions feature work created in a luminously autumnal black and white. David Seiler at Carrie Haddad Photographs (318 Warren Street), contrasted alongside the brilliantly tropical images by the Cuban-born Adrian Hernandez,  does large-scaled sepia-toned and dusty- gray prints that are suggestive of film frames by Lumiere or even earlier Daguerreotypes. The partially hazy, vintage quality of his palette, particularly in his equine work (pictured above), has the enigmatic feeling of a forgotten archive from the distant past.

Across and down the street just a hair, at the J. Damiani Gallery ( 237 Warren Street ) is the decidedly contemporary work of local photographer Roy Volkman, whose black and white images have a fluidly sculptural look. As a result his best work is of dancers, but he also imbues portraits (notably of famous individuals such as John Turturro and Judith Jamison) with a sultry animation.

Both shows are up until the middle of August.      — Elizabeth Goldfarb Richardson


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