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I’ve often thought that Hudson is a strange parallel  universe.  But nothing was stranger than watching a conservative Republican candidate for mayor expressing support for government subsidies and the use of rent control  to solve a housing crunch, as well as an implied call for affirmative action over merit hiring for jobs in the public  sector (a good place for economic advancement, let me tell you!)  and a belief that, for local office, lifelong work experience in government was inherently preferable to one spent in business.  (There was also mention of  said candidate calling up Chris Gibson, our government- shut- down supporting, anti jobs program,  Tea Bag endorsed congressman, to get more funds for the town’s  youth programs — a conversation that, unsurprisingly, seems not to have borne much fruit as of yet. )

I myself don’t have such a hard time with these ideas, outdated and/or irrelevant in the current political/economic climate though they might be  (although I don’t think anyone has seriously proposed new rent control rules in this country since the mid 60s) — but I’m a liberal Democrat.  Frankly I just don’t believe that, when push comes to shove, the Republican candidate, Bill Hallenbeck, will remain so at ease with these positions. But so it went,  in mind-bending  fashion, at last night’s  debate (sponsored by the Hudson African-American Leadership Alliance ) between Hallenbeck and Nick Haddad, the Democrat, himself a recent switch from the Republican Party.  It fell on the Democrat to bravely touch on the fact that the city and state has limited funds and can’t fully fund all of the programs we may want now; that a town of 7,000 can ‘t solve the nations economic woes on it own was something neither candidate could bring himself to mention in this not very elucidating  environment. –Scott Baldinger

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