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Real Art for Less!

Clockwise from top left: photobooks at the Davis Orton Gallery, a work by Patrick Terenchin at Terenchin Gallery, Robert Pesce pottery at David Dew Bruner, John Rudge at Terenchin; prints for sale at J. Damiani. Center: a colorful Charles Tulio at the Roshkowska Gallery.

Let’s just say that someone gave you a wall and told you to fill it up overnight with a good collection of art. And on a very limited budget. You could do a lot worse than scoping out the galleries of Hudson, where, during a recent tour up Warren, I found numerous reasonable artistic efforts at prices that ranged from $25 dollars to only a few times more than the cost of a newfangled one-cup coffee-brewing machine.

A logical place to start is the Terenchin Gallery (533 Warren),  where a series of three colored drawings by John Rudge, a contemporary of Francis Bacon, is only $700.  At the newly arrived Roshkowska Gallery (538 Warren), there is a  bin of unframed prints and drawings off to the side of the impressive early “nonobjective” paintings of a fellow named Emil James Bisttram. (Another bin, this one labeled  Holiday Specials, is at J. Damiani, 237 Warren.) If you have nice shelving or coffee table, the Davis Orton Gallery (114 Warren)  has a show of self-published photobooks  that span the under $100 range, and there’s a lot of cool new art pottery by ceramicist Robert Pesce at David Dew Bruner (610 Warren).  –Scott Baldinger

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