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Real Art for Less!

Given the fact that a Roy Lichtenstein painting. “Ohhh… Alright …,” just sold for a cool $42 million at Christie’s in New York,  you would be hard- pressed to complain about the prices for original artwork available at a number of Hudson’s stores and galleries. We’ve got some new, we’ve got some old, we’ve got some nice in betweens:  a random sampling on Warren Street include handsome decoupage boxes by Thomas Malic, pictured below  (sold at Gris,  $400  each);  a lickably colorful painting by Meg Lipke at Carrie Haddad Gallery (above, $900) and  lots of accomplished framed drawings by Friederich Yohn at David Dew Bruner ($100-$500).  There’s so much around that just one posting won’t be enough…look forward to a few more through the holiday season. –Scott Baldinger

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