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Recently at The Red  Dot, that font of lively, cross- pollinating chat, I conversed with a nice couple from rural Connecticut who had traveled two hours to Hudson to simply hang at The Barlow Hotel and try out some of the restaurants that they had read about in Bon Appétit magazine. I asked if they planned to shop and they said, quite emphatically, “no, ”  revealing perhaps the degree to which the town is becoming more of a resort destination— a place just to chill  rather  than to decorate one’s home or embark on any other acquisitive pursuit. (Hopefully, as things progress, frequenting the remarkably sophisticated shops along Warren and surrounding streets will continue to be as much a part of visitors’ plans as it has in the past.)

In preparation for that seeming inevitability, and to take care of the stylish hordes coming here to use it as a kind of upscale rest cure, there is obvious activity: The Warren Inn’s extensive renovation  is still ongoing,  and more and more homeowners are turning their domiciles into B&Bs, in addition to the over 23 that are running now — Air ones or not. One of the largest of these is the former Front Street Guest House (above), which has previously gone through one stylish renovation already and is now being extensively undergoing another. Not much information about it is available yet, but during a recent amble down to South Front Street, I found a number of workers busily engaged inside its tarp-covered premises, and one of them, Ren Bytheway, filled me in on some of the details. The building has been bought by Germantown residents Kirby Farmer and Kristen Keck,  who were written about in The New York Times back in 2009 in an article entitled  “The New Country Squires.”  Farmer, a noted personal chef, and Keck, a producer of commercials,  have big plans for the whole building, but especially its ground floor – the former home of the restaurants Moxie’s, Maxie’s, and last but not least, Mod.  Bytheway says the space will now be be a “mercantile coffee shop and bar, ” and that the target opening for the entire enterprise is this June.  –Scott Baldinger

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