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Scary Striptease

The dismantling of the original Asylum Building on State and 7th,  originally reported in The Gossips of Rivertown (Carole –come home soon!)  has ceased.  Here is a shot of the building in its current state –the original roof, cornice  and top floor windows have been removed but some facsimile thereof  (a Galloway specialty tailor made to send preservationists into intensive care) seems to be taking their place. How it will end up is anybody’s guess. Scott Baldinger

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  1. If you would like to see a very scary graphic depiction of what is happening to Asylum Bldg,look no further than what this same company did to WM Worth’s house,under Restoring the William Worth house, ca. 1811
    Go to Olde Mohawk Masonry & Historic Restoration, Inc. Facebook page. Employed by T.Eric Galloway.Only if you have a strong stomach.
    Since I looked at that building to purchase in 2007,I have pictures of interior and the roof rafters were beautiful and in need of restoration,not obliteration.It was built in 1811,not some sheet rock palace built last year. Also ,if you look at site ,you will see their “restoration technique of taking 3 courses of original brick down and replace 1st a chip board of some sort layer,2ND layer insulation foam board,and last a layer of reclaimed arbitary brick,not aged at same time together ,so color is terrible,and without period detail pointing or decorative overhang. This is why they wrap up the building ,when they preform this bucthery.
    The destruction of the Worth Bldg was a national disaster,as General Worth is revered by the entire United States.They removed the original interior parlor arched window wall woodwork.I have photos of the original kitchen fireplce with its beehive oven.I do not want to even know what thet did in there.
    Then they put up some completely out of proportion fictitious doorway,from the book of Gallowayin Architectural details.
    I could go on,but it gets me too upset,as I regret so terribly ,I could not buy it.I was just too short of the price back then.
    I feel like I should Occupy the Library until I see the exact plans ,approved by HPC with a second opinion from a real Historical Landmarks Commission,outside of Hudson and Galloway’s grip on the Bldg.Dept. I also want to demand a historic preservationist,from outside of Hudson ,to police Bldg.Dept.,Galloway and his Olde Mohawk masons and butchers, everyday til the completion of bldg.

  2. Scott: We were never dismantling the former orphan asylum. Like the Worth House, the extent of our work was limited to the roofing. While our name has the word ‘Masonry’ in it, its not all we do. If you or “Prison Alley” would ever like to meet and discuss the integrity of our work on either project, within an historic preservation context, I would be glad to do so. Thanks.

    Ward Hamilton

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