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Separated at Birth, Part Two

OK, we all need a little fun these days. Due to unprecedented demand (OK, just one person, who expressed mock regret at not being included, and another, who was included and said he “liked the way my mind worked”; plus a lot of new subscriptions after the first version ), herewith is the second installment of  my comparison of various Hudsonites who, to me at least,  are dead ringers for famed historical or entertainment personalities. For more serious and compelling fare, please read my positive review of Stageworks’ last presentation of the excellent Tomorrow in the Battle, which the company is reviving now, written for Rural Intelligence. It’s a play that had my mind atinglin’ then and shouldn’t be missed now. — Scott Baldinger 


Carole Osterink  of The Gossips of Rivertown /Geraldine Page, ingenious film and theater actress









Dan Seward, musician, owner of John Doe Records/Rasputin, mystic, faith healer and private adviser to the Romanovs








EllenThurston, Supervisor, 3rd District/ Queen Elizabeth I of England


Gower Elizabeth 1 digl







Nancy Horowitz-Felcetto, Halstead realtor/Catherine Keener, film actress



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