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Separated At Birth

When I first arrived in Hudson over ten years ago, I was struck by the number of people who looked exactly like some of the musical theater icons I would occasionally run into in New York City. There was the man, whose name I can’t recall and who left town soon after meeting him, who was a dead ringer for Adolph Green, the lyricist/book writer, with Betty Comden, of musicals such as On the Town, Singing in the Rain, The Bandwagon and Bells Are Ringing.  When I told him who he reminded me of, he said “Yeah everyone says that,”  a statement that put Hudson in a very good light to me –“everyone” around here actually knew who Adolph Green was and what he looked like?…Hmmm perhaps I could make my home in this odd Brigadoon-like place.

To this day, I still see a guy who reminds me of Jerome Robbins, the ingenious but famously ill-tempered director/choreographer; coincidentally his Hudson lookalike seem as steadfastly chilly as his late Upper West Side counterpart. (Even after seeing this Hudson man weekly for almost ten years, I’ve never received a “hello”  in return to mine, while even Robbins did nod back at me once in a Korean grocery.)  Then there’s the lovely woman seen below who looks just like Elaine Stritch.  To her, “I’d like to propose a toast…” as “The Ladies Who Lunch,” the Sondheim song that the actress made famous (and vice versa), starts out — just for her being able to be her as well as someone else I adore.

Since then, just like the musical icons themselves, their Hudson doppelgangers have been appearing fewer and far between. But there are plenty of others worth pointing out who bring to mind note worthies from other media, of which I’m equally fond.  — Scott Baldinger

Honey Wilde                Elaine Stritch







James Reynolds (Mid-Hudson Cable President)/  Lon Chaney in London After Midnight








Damara Rose (musician)        Mia Farrow

Dec02_10x8 3








Linda Mussmann  (TSL Co-director)  Fred Mertz (William Frawley)












Mark Schafler (Helsinki Hudson co-owner)   Ed Koren drawing




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