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hotel gracies-001Ah, naked wood! There’s nothing like seeing a previously vinyl, asbestos or what-have-you encased old building shedding its ungainly skin to reveal the original, natural (if often damaged) structure as it was built, looking as it was meant to be and often revealing long- hidden ornament and architectural details. Happily, the trend is moving from Warren and the south side of town to State and its off streets. On the far east end of Warren, there’s even a diminutive little building near the Warren Inn that was recently stripped (bottom right); its modest size could have dissuaded owners to do the, sadly, often costly restorations but at last look they seem to have kept the faith. Let’s all hope each of these stay in their natural state and are not be recovered in something else inappropriate, which has happened often enough. Above are a few examples on all sides of town. –Scott Baldinger

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