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The Irish Princess and Danish Meatball

Jennifer and Kim Arenskjold
“Many days I would stand in the middle of the road and look to see if anyone was in town,” says Jennifer Arenskjold about the Hudson of 1985. That was the year she first opened The Irish Princess,  joining  Byrne Fone and Alain Pioton’s Hudson Antiques Center,  the only other antiques store on what was then a nearly abandoned Warren Street. In time a few other pioneers arrived, among them Kim Arenskjold, who came by way of  Rhinebeck, Texas and Copenhagen;  five years after that the two married and opened Arenskjold Antiques, which today is bigger and better than ever at 605 Warren Street. This month marks the 25th anniversary of Jennifer’s intrepidly glamorous arrival, and we all want to say both congrats and thank you.

                                                   —Elizabeth Goldfarb Richardson

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