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The Real Housegifts of Hudson

A few days ago, during a walk up Warren Street, I happened upon a film crew and a gaggle of heavily made-up women and thought What is this, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”? — only to find out later that that was exactly what it had been. I can just picture the Hudson episode of the Bravo television show now, with scenes of the women wandering around antiques stores and saying things like “Omigod….did you see the price on that chair my mother used to have in her basement..?” (Cue appropriate reaction shots of patient/ and or poker-faced shop owners.)

On the other hand, we could all be blessed and the women were just shopping for Christmas gifts. In which case they should have been able to find some truly stylish bargains, such as the ones pictured here. (Above, plastic vases at  $5.99 each and Patone mugs, $15 each, at Hedstrom & Judd;  historic Hudson placemats at Benjamin Wilson Antiques and Rural Residence, $50 for set of 4, out- of- print vinyl at John Doe Records and Books.)   ––Scott Baldinger

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