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The State On and Off State


Having awaken many a morning with the same view on State Street, I think I had probably given up hope of it ever being part of the Hudson renaissance, at least in my lifetime. There’s always been, bless her,  Sheila Ramsay’s lush garden,  which remains a true gift to the community. But elsewhere on the block long patches of emptiness and decrepitude seem to have remained the same for almost a decade if not more, with the occasional  attractive renovation to keeps one’s spirits up.

Recently though I’ve been seeing very nice changes: At 323 Warren a contractor named Kamal Elmasri who lives in a historic house on Rossman Avenue,  has fixed up one of those decent looking houses Carole Osterink might label Hudson vernacular. Elmasri has chosen an olive green exterior and done a great job  restoring the inside, with hardwood floors and beams. He says he is very anti plastic and I believe him.

Round the corner at 36 Third Street (i.e. Crack Crossroads) something beautiful is happening to the slender but  meaty brick pile at 36 Third Street that has been  dormant for so long, its renovators even getting the windows totally right, as far as I can see. Another brick charmer, a former church on State between Fourth and Third and its attached dreary seminary buildings, are having LOTS of work done  (there’s a whole crane in the back yard)…though it’s hard to see what the end result of that will be (there are cute new plantings in the front of the church, but the other buildings still have their plastic siding on them; time will tell.)  At the handsome row of townhouses on 6th and State, No. 558 has had  a redo of faulty wood and the facade has been painted a terrific complementary shade that spruces up every other one of the adjoined buildings. The city (or someone) is finally filling in the trench of a sidewalk  in front of 445,  for so long dangerous evidence that no one really cared about this part of town.

This being me, be assured that I’ve got some quibbling  suggestions:  SOMEONE at the county level government level should just dig into their pockets and find some extra change to steam clean its building at State and Seventh, as well as remove the hideous awning and plantings that greet visitors there. Eventually a master plan should be put into effect that includes the widening of sidewalks to the former human dimensions of pre-urban development (with more plantings to go with that.) And last but not least, of course,  is Eric Galloway, whose work on the Armory Buildings so far still does not include the easiest improvement of all : the removal of the barbed wire fencing surrounding the State Street side that visitors have compared to the ones in Attica or Dachau. It seems like an easy thing to do, and I’d be happy to have a few more Keep Off the Grass signs that Galvan seems to favor for that one improvement alone. In other words, Mr Galloway, tear down this wall!. –Scott Baldinger

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  1. What a great article ,Scott.Thanks.
    Being a denizen of N. Third and”long patches of emptiness and decrepitude.”;(is that a real word,or just on OUR streets?? It’s a good one.);
    I am very hip,to where you are coming from.
    There is so much I would love to do for my ancient little house,but for now I leave it as is and take care of my tree out front and slowly do what I can.
    The sewer,water,garbage,utility,insurance bills plus the property and school taxes(of which ,I pay more than the Mayor.I live in the 2nd ward and on truck rte.) have left me cash poor.
    Little by little ,I work on my house.
    That’s why it’s beyond maddening,to see someone like Galloway with all his endless money,leave all these buildings he owns vacant,with rodents,broken windows,unwalkable sidewalks,for us to live next to
    and yet keep buying and proposing to build more and more and now threaten our struggling area with building a SRO for Homeless,that aren’t even here.
    I hope the PARC extention will happen.I wish that whole project was still happening.Thanks for writing about us.

  2. Thank you for bringing to light the plights and delights of State Street! Hopefully, Mr. Galloway will not further contribute to the plights. I am interested to see if the brick duplex next door to Kemal’s fine restoration will be completed in my lifetime. From Inge @ 322.

  3. My name is Robert Bluman and along with my partner David, recently purchased the church at 428 State Street.Hudson. The plan is to turn this church into a private residence for us to occupy as a full-time residence. It’s not an easy job turning an 1870 brick Gothic church which has no running hot water and no real bathroom or kitchen into something livable. Our plan is to leave the building architecturally intact and add a full bath and kitchen to the property. Pews and organ were removed and donated back to the congregation who sold us this church (St.Marks on Storm Avenue in Hudson). We have gentrified the front of the church with removal of wooden wheelchair ramps, old bushes and the old church sign that used to light up at night. More will be done with the front that will incorporate removal of the wood steps and installation of a French design split staircase and front porch. We live in California but are Midwest transplants. We welcome new friends in Hudson and comments on this blog. I can be reached at Gr8guyla@aol.com. We have great faith in State Street and think that it’s still a sleeper for those interested preservation where one can still buy cheap property on a street with the Armory and Library venues making a huge impact on future value and desirability.

  4. STATE STREET CONTINUES TO PROSPER! Lets all admire the incredible job our new neighbors are doing with the old St. Matthews Lutheran Church’s – “Parsonage house” re-build! This was a pre-existing double townhouse structure previously used by the St. Matthews Lutheral Church ( which we own next door). This will be a 4,000 sq. ft architectual “wonder”. Our wonderful neighbors have pulled out all of the stops to create a classy work-live residence! (430-432 STATE ST.) Drive around the back and admire the extensive addition, poured concrete basement and foundation. We have heard that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been poured into this great property; evidence of the confidence in the progress on State Street!

    The wonderful yellow 2 story Victorian residence on the west side of the church at 424 State St. has been reduced from $349,000 to $319,000, The owner lives in Staten Island and wants this beautiful 3,000 sq. ft house sold NOW. Keep your eyes open for some painting and grooming work to be completed before winter. Owned by a world known artist, recently lost her husband and son, is offering this lovely home at a great price for an unattached, fully updated residence in Hudson (at a wonderful price!).

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