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Time in a Bottle

Vestiges of Hudson’s past can appear in surprising ways. Yesterday it popped up in the form of three vintage pharmacy bottles that I found at everyone’s favorite thrift store, The Second Show (519 Warren Street) . The labels were in such good condition that store manager Carole Lavender and I first wondered if they were genuinely old. But the name and address on them, Wardle Bros., 1-3 Warren Street,  belonged to a bona fide Hudson establishment;  assistant store manager Bobbi Bush recalled it being in existence until the mid seventies or so.

Further confirmation took place when I googled the company and found two items of interest:  a label for one of the pharmacy’s perhaps more popular concoctions, below,  and a 1914 article about its industrious founder, Arthur Wardle, published  in the “Notable Successes and How Achieved” section of  The Practical Druggist.   –Scott Baldinger


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