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Weekday Update

Clockwise from top left: Sketch’s storefront; John Doe Records sign;  Max, of Regan and Smith; Wendy McDaris’ new gallery; signs on the door of Sketch.

News and just plain existential reality from the front lines of Warren Street on a typically quiet Wednesday afternoon:  Bardin Polomo, a shop from NYC, will be opening up at 602 Warren Street, the address formerly occupied by Regan and Smith, whose owners are moving their wares with youthful speed and vigor into the space directly across the street, formerly occupied by Historical Materialism. Yesterday afternoon, Regan and Smith’s dog, Max, guarded his owners’ (humans’) nearly empty former storefront, exciting interest (and perhaps a little unnecessary concern) among passersby.

An art supply store named Sketch will open in the former Victorian Gallery furniture store at the corner of 7th and Warren. Two signs on the door form the phrase “You Can’t Eat Antiques” — a phrase that John Doe Records’ store owner Dan Seward says he came up with over ten years ago to put on hats for sale. In the same spirit, the sandwich-board sign in front of John Doe currently has two similarly Yippie- like pronouncements, one on each side: “Fresh Nothing Here” and “Taste the Wax.”

Right across from the cleverly makeshift craft- paper montage of  Sketch’s storefront windows  is Wendy McDaris’ good- looking new gallery, McDaris Fine Art & Advisory, which will open this Saturday with a show of work by local artist Dawn Breeze. –Scott Baldinger

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