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What a Little Moonlight Can Do…

So Billie Holiday once jauntily crooned–  and something that the staff and crew of the cruise boat  The Spirit of Hudson are putting to the test at the Hudson Riverfront Park this Friday and Saturday night (with the enticing additions of live music, food, and drink ).  Steve Walsh, one of  Spirits’s  captains as well as its events planner and marketing director, and A. Noor Rahaman, executive officer of Hudson Cruises,  which owns and operates the boat,  are determined to make the waterfront an interactive experience day or night, and are planning to have a jazz band, a full bar and food from Wunderbar — perhaps just the combination we need to remind everyone what a lovely recreational spot the waterfront both is and can be in the future.  (Admission is $5; food an extra $5,  drinks in the  $3 – $6 range. From 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.) –Scott Baldinger

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