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Where’s “Sid and Nancy”?


Tonight and tomorrow  Basilica Hudson will be showing three films by director Alex Cox, including his well-known Repo Man, as well as two other works, Straight To Hell Returns and Walker,  the latter starring Ed Harris as a 19-century American soldier of fortune who became the dictator of Nicaragua. Walker was penned by Hudson’s own Rudy Wurlitzer (who is also famed for his screenplay to Little Buddha)  and both Cox and Wurlitzer will be available for extended Q&A’s.  An exciting event no doubt. Oddly missing though, considering the musical background of Basilica’s co-founder Melissa Auf Der Mar,  is perhaps the director’s most sensational effort– Sid and Nancy, about the life and sordid end days of The Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious (played wonderfully by Gary Oldman) and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen (Choe Webb).  Just wondering….pourquoi pas?  — Scott Baldinger



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