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Yeah, Babe, Take It Off

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A recent gambol around the various nooks and grannies of Hudson revealed a number of its gorgeous buildings undergoing a glorious state of undress, i.e the removal of their vinyl/aluminum/asbestos siding or unsightly paint jobs to uncover the natural wonders laying underneath. Even though, as Historic Preservation Commissioner Rick Rector admits, “removing any siding is not as easy as it would seem and is often costly,” there is increasing evidence that property owners care enough about the town’s architecture to make the extra effort. It’s even happening on Robinson Street, that quotidian yet venerable part of town, the cultural value of whose tightly packed houses have been the focus of some debate in the past. Seeing the naked original wood and hearing workmen proudly declaring that the bad siding that used to cover it would be gone forever gave this observer a lift that lasted more than three hours. (No immediate medical attention was needed.)

Bravo to the owners of the buildings pictured above: 339 Allen (The Inn at Ca Mea); 117 Warren Street; 15 Union Street; 211 Warren Street (mauve paint blasted off); 233 Robinson Street; and 237 Robinson Street.   – Scott Baldinger



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