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Yes We Can

Hudson is definitely forging new culinary frontiers: I don’t think I’ve ever seen the tuna noodle casserole trumpeted on a marquee before. (Davi’s Delights, at 41 Green Street, is a good, independently owned fast food drive in with a large, quirky menu, but this item took me by surprise.)  A staple of many a baby boomer’s youth,  this exemplar of canned food cookery was the piece de resistance of a type of  cuisine that began after WW2 and continued for decades after but has long been out of favor and never really come back retro-style.  (It reached  its apex during the 60s and 70s,  the period when my family and I consumed a pretty good version of it at least once a week.) Unless Davi (sic),  is doing a nouvelle version, it is invariably made up of canned tuna, noodle or macaroni, bread crumbs (or, if truly declasse, potato chips)  and most importantly, canned cream of mushroom soup, invariably Campbells. One interesting trivial tidbit that the poet/translator William Weaver once offered to me:  During the 1950s the dish was so favored by gay men for  dinner parties that it was nicknamed Fairy Pudding.  Put that on a marquee and watch what happens! –Scott Baldinger

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