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The need for authentic ethnic cuisine (particularly Asian) in this town is so acute that, for me at least,  it expresses itself in fever dreams –and hopeful blog posts about fleeting ventures such as a couple of Indian dishes at our local fried chicken joint. At the debut of Red Dot’s weekly gourmet Chinese food night, I got the sense that I’m not alone in this desire: The excitement in the air was palpable, and nary a table was to be had.  And the food was incredible: refined dim sum such as pork and winter mushroom dumplings and boiled dumplings tossed in red chili oil,  entrees of delicately crispy fish in a puff and crispy batter and shredded pork in a “fragrant and spicy sauce.”  (Even the menu’s locution sounded genuine.) Every detail in chef Michael Chesloff’s lineup came out wonderfully, from the sticky rice to the subtly seasoned Chinese broccoli. Red Dot owner Alana Hauptmann says she is thinking of continuing the weekly event on Tuesdays, a day the restaurant has traditionally been closed, so it will be a double blessing.–Scott Baldinger

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