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IGHP training for hoteliers with co-financing

IGHP training for hoteliers with public funding


Up to 100% of co-financing can be obtained by entrepreneurs for employee training conducted by the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry. The Chamber will take care of the entire process of obtaining the subsidy. IGHP has planned nearly 250 training courses for 2022, the first of which will take place at the beginning of April.

Significant funding for training organized by IGHP can be obtained in two ways. From the National Training Fund (KFS), enterprises can obtain a subsidy of 80%, and micro-companies even a 100% subsidy. Financial resources for training activities for employees come from Poviat Labor Offices (PUP). Financial support is provided under de minimis aid.

Another way to obtain up to 80 percent. Co -financing is EU funds within the Development Services Base (BUR). The recruitment continues until the end of 2022. Entrepreneurs can receive funding under regional operational programs (RPO) for services posted in the database.

IGHP is entered in both the register of training institutions (RIS) and the developmental services base (BUR). Thanks to this, the chamber training can be co -financed from public funds. After the entrepreneur selection of appropriate IGHP training, he will comprehensively deal with the process of obtaining a subsidy from KFS and as part of BUR for employee development. This service will be available at promotional prices for IGHP members.

Marcin Mączyński, secretary general of IGHP, said: “The profitability of investments in employee development is indisputable, because it translates into the quality of work, i.e. service, which is a key concept in the hotel industry, and into more effective hotel management. The possibility of taking advantage of practically free training for employees, especially in the era of a pandemic and the difficult situation of the industry, is extremely attractive.”

IGHP trainings are conducted by the most recognized industry experts who combine knowledge with many years of practice.

Mączyński emphasized: “Our leaders are well-known and appreciated personalities. We are continuing our cooperation with some of them for another year, others will make their debut among the authors of the Chamber’s training courses in the coming weeks.”

IGHP experts Kris Głąbiński, Karol Weber, Kamil Maroszek, Katarzyna Starzyńska, Piotr Garańał and Agnieszka Maszner-Paprocka.

IGHP has been conducting training for the hotel industry since 2018. The first topic concerned the GDPR and was a response to the current needs of hoteliers related to the clarification of issues related to the protection of personal data in connection with the introduction of the EU directive. So far, the Chamber’s experts have conducted nearly 200 training courses on various topics, revenue management, sales and marketing, costs in gastronomy, reception service. Every year the Chamber broadens its offer of issues. Training sessions are planned for 2022, with HACCP, housekeeping (in the new formula), social media, hotel management and operational services, training for chefs and kitchen assistants, waiter training, as well as effective dialogue with the employee and budgeting.

Marcin Mączyński added: “It will be a very intense year in the Chamber in the field of education. We are planning nearly 250 training courses, both in the open and closed formula, in over 20 cities in Poland.”