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Ukraine tourism. How the industry helps refugees

Tourism in the war. How the industry helps refugees from Ukraine [PODCAST # 49]

From the very first moments of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the tourism industry has been organizing aid for refugees arriving in Poland, helping to evacuate people from endangered places, providing accommodation, translating, and in-kind gifts. We talk to Alina Dybaś, president of the Open Tourist Organization, about the great contribution of tourism entrepreneurs to reducing the size of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the war in Ukraine.

Several thousand people were transported, accommodated, equipped, receiving psychological support and assistance from interpreters, as well as tons of deliveries to Ukraine as part of humanitarian aid, an armored ambulance carrying the wounded from bombed Ukrainian cities & # 8211; is a part of the balance sheet of more than two weeks of activity of the Tourism Ukraine initiative. An incomplete balance sheet, as not all companies engaging in help within one action. Some activities elude statistics because they are conducted individually or in cooperation with other organizations.

& # 8220; We have never been so united in the history of tourist business in Poland. Though financially exhausted from two years of the pandemic, the industry shows its big heart and shares everything it has with refugees. It finances transport, accommodation, meals, medicines, and sends transports to the front line. Divisions and disputes have gone aside. We can be proud of our environment & # 8221; & # 8211; says Alina Dybaś.