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On the occasion of Women’s Day, fill in the questionnaire on “The role of women in Polish tourism”

On the occasion of Women's Day, fill in the questionnaire on "The role of women in Polish tourism"

March 8 is the day when International Women's Day is celebrated. The celebration of this holiday began about 100 years ago. It was then that women began to fight for greater rights and equality. On this day, we especially encourage you to take part in the survey on the professional situation of women in the tourism industry.

Editors of the Waszaturystyka together with the Hydropolis Ecological Education Center invites all women who work in the broadly understood tourism industry to fill in the questionnaire. The research is part of the Women's Year in Tourism celebrations.

The Openfield company, which conducts the study, has prepared an offer for all large companies employing more women, an offer to compare their results to the market average, free of charge.

The company that applies to take part in the survey will receive a link to perform the survey within the company. The results will be counted as a general report, and the participating company will receive: an individual report on the evaluation in the company and a comparison to the situation in the tourism market.

As part of the Year of Women in Tourism, we encourage you to visit the rokkobietwturystyce, where you can find all the most important information about this event. The year of women in tourism is to be promoted initiatives aimed at increasing the chances of professional advancement of women in their workplace, or the development of anti-discrimination programs in the workplace. We also want to conduct a series of studies and analyzes in the field of equal rights for women in the tourism industry.

We encourage you to take part in the survey because we want to identify potential and possible directions of changes for the industry.

The survey is completely anonymous and no personal data is collected. The results are used only to prepare statistical statements. The full results of the study will be presented on April 6 during the 10th edition of the Tourism Promotion Forum, which will be held at the Orientarium in Łódź.