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X Tourism Promotion Forum in 15 days

The 10th Tourist Promotion Forum in just 15 days

The 10th jubilee edition of the Tourist Promotion Forum will be held in just 15 days at the Orientarium in Łódź. We invited 35 experts, including tourism and promotion specialists from abroad.

For the tenth time, the editors of the WaszaTurystyka is organizing the Tourist Promotion Forum. This time, the meeting of the tourism industry will be held in Łódź. It is the most dynamically developing city in terms of tourism in Poland. More and more often visited by tourists and offering them more and more attractions. One of them will certainly be the Orientarium, the opening of which is planned for the first half of 2022.
We found it an ideal place to meet people interested in tourism promotion and tourism in general.

The Orientarium is the newest tourist attraction in Łódź. It will be part of the Łódź Zoo. It will present the fauna and flora of Southeast Asia. Modern pavilions, runs and aviaries will occupy the area of over 10 full-size football pitches. In addition, there will be recreational and gastronomic facilities with an area of approx. 20 thousand square meters. The volume of the largest water reservoir will be 2,500 m3, and its depth – 6 m.
new species of animals, including Sumatran orangutans, anoa, gavial crocodiles, sharks and rays. The garden will also continue breeding the species it already has: Indian elephants, macaques, gibbons, langurs and Malay bears. runs for Indian elephants, foggy leopards, Malay bears, gibbons and aviaries for hornbills and Balinese starlings.

The main attraction of the Orientarium is the underwater tunnel. You will be able to observe the coral reef and a swimming pool for sharks and rays from there. It will be approximately 26 meters long and 2.4 meters high. The average depth of the reservoir will be 6 m, in the deepest place – 8. The space above the acrylic tunnel has already been filled with 2.5 million liters of water.
The plants, shrubs, ivy and grasses planted here will come from among from Laos, India, Australia, Japan and the Philippines.

The agenda of the Forum included the debates & # 8211; How national tourist organizations promote themselves in Poland?, The future of ROTs and LOTs in the light of the new law on promotion, How to include the airport in the promotion of a tourist destination?, Why are Poles afraid to promote with beer, wine and other drinks?; presentations & # 8211; The results of the study "The role of women in Polish tourism", "LOT on holidays in Poland" Promotion of tourism among the deaf. From a remedy for a pandemic to a stable business; Duel of Experts & # 8220; Promotional relationship between hotels and the region & # 8221 ;; discussion on the possibilities of helping the tourism industry in Ukraine.