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Wizz Air offers 100,000. free places for Ukrainian refugees from bordering European countries

Wizz Air offers 100,000. free places for Ukrainian refugees from European countries bordering Ukraine

Wizz Air has announced support for Ukrainian refugees by offering 100,000 free seats on all European flights from countries bordering Ukraine (i.e. Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania). The line helps refugees get to their destinations, wherever they might be.

In addition, to the knowledge of Wizz Air, many people have started migrating but are stuck in non-destination locations. For them, the airline has prepared an emergency offer of EUR 29.99 for all other flights (excluding the UAE, Iceland and the Canary Islands), as well as EUR 69.99 for flights to ZAE, Iceland and the Canary Islands.

Refugees from Ukraine who want to book a flight can do so on the website: https: // / # / rescue. 100,000 free places and emergency tariffs will be available throughout March. During booking and check-in, passengers will be asked to show their Ukrainian passport / ID card number.

József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air, said: & # 8220; Our hearts are with the citizens of Ukraine. We are committed to helping as many Ukrainian refugees as possible so that they can reach safe places. We have prepared 100,000 free seats from Ukraine's neighboring countries and special emergency tariffs for other flights. We recognize the enormous humanitarian efforts of our employees, as a company, we want to play a greater role in them, to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for refugees.& # 8221;